Why Choose Body Sugaring?

Why Choose Body Sugaring?

...Umm Why not??

Would you prefer a synthesized hot compound? or choose an long practiced all-natural hair removal technique that is applied at body
temperature, can never tear the skin, is water-soluble AND reduces the chance of in-grown or broken hairs? Sugar Streak is proud to continue and improve
the long practiced Egyptian technique known as Body Sugaring.

However we don't just sell our products to professionals, we thoroughly educate them on the body sugaring process. Through our highly-developed body sugaring classes, our professionals can expect their clients smoother results that last longer.

At Sugar Streak we are the SUGAR EXPERTS
Using this method our experts can extract the smallest hairs down to 2cm compared to the longer exposure required for waxing. With their training they will instruct you on how to better improve the quality of your skin, not only for maximum extraction, but for the most efficient service as well.

We Certify the Sugar Experts.

Our Professionals make up the heart and soul of Sugar Streak and that's why we provide the most comprehensive and effective training on the
market today; because we know our professionals are passionate and strive to be the best. We believe in our industry and the people who make it
amazing. If you find a practitioner rest assured that they have invested in their training and labored to perfect their sugaring skills.

Body sugaring is a healthy, all-natural fantastic alternative choice to hair removal. By choosing Sugar Streak, you are
choosing the Sugar Experts!

We are a family owned company, made and distributed proudly from here in the U.S.A