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At Sugar Streak, sugaring as a form of hair removal is a top priority but we also believe in excellent skin and changing the ideas on what it takes to have great skin...ALL over the body! The Sugar Specialists listed have thoroughly invested in their training, either by us or have been authorized by our staff through verification of a two-day, hands-on qualified training. 


Sugar Streak Founders Tracie Warren and Heather Wilson were the first in their respective areas to bring sugaring to the public.  Both Sugar Streak Studio - San Antonio (our very FIRST Sugar Streak Studio, by the way!) and LillyBelle Therapies have highly trained Sugar Experts on staff to provide your sugaring services and show you simple steps to excellent skin. 



Please note...

Every location listed is specific to the contact name as the Sugaring Specialist. The location is where they provide sugaring services so be sure you ask for them by name. These professionals are individually trained and not employed, compensated or the responsibility of Sugar Streak in any way.

Should you have any comments or concerns, please contact us immediately at probodysugar@yahoo.com.