Why Choose Body Sugaring? | Sugar Streak

Why Choose Body Sugaring? | Sugar Streak

Short answer: no strips, no spatulas, no mess.

But really.  Sugaring is natural, skin-friendly, applied at body temperature, water-soluble, removes the hair with the direction of growth and refines and diminishes hair growth. What this means to you is that your clients have less chance of experiencing tearing or burning of the skin, that you can clean up everything - from the client's skin to your floors - with water, that you only need a few days of hair growth to provide the service, you have less chance of ingrown hair concerns and that you can refine and diminish their hair with repetitive sessions.

These are the benefits of sugaring, but the real question here is why should you offer the service and if you do, why get trained to sugar? 

Sugaring is skin-friendly and natural, which are good reasons to put sugaring on your service menu, especially if you're already offering hair removal. Getting trained, well, that's a choice. One we hope you choose and here's why...

Sugaring looks easy.  Right up until you've got a ball of sugar that acts a bit like honey and you've gotta use it to do a brazilian that hasn't been groomed in 6 weeks.  AND said brazilian is course, thick, curly hair.  

In the 19 plus years we've been sugaring, we've hashed out the different ways we can train our students.  We know there are a lot of options. There are quicker ways, online ways and self-taught ways.  Here's our commitment to you.  

We believe an investment in knowledge earns the best interest.  Our course is two days. The first half of day one we spend understanding products, sugar paste, hair growth, the skin and contraindications.  The rest of day one we get familiar with the sugar paste and start sugaring.  We spend all of day two sugaring and we sugar full legs, underarms, faces and bikinis to brazilians. We teach you how to hold the skin tight but sugar gently, what to do if a client has dry or dehydrated skin, how to handle paste when they have course, curly hair or fine, thin hair.  We show you what happens if you don't hold the skin tight, what can happen if you don't flick the paste properly removing it.  We walk you through melt-downs and what to do when things go wrong.  

Because sometimes things can go wrong.  A client gets too hot and you melt down. A client has a histamine reaction. They swear it's 7 days of growth when it's only 4...what do you do?

That's just in class.  Whether it's one of our co-founders or one of our hand-picked educators you train with, we know from personal experience that what happens after class is key to your sugaring success.  From a video library to a Facebook group, you have a place for guidance.  

Our professionals make up the heart and soul of Sugar Streak.  We believe in this industry and the people who make it amazing.  We hope you become one of them.