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Our beginnings were humble and our journey completely unintentional. After several attempts with the usual methods to remove hair, a friend suggested sugaring and we thought, why not?

Sugar Streak was founded by two women who wanted to make a difference. Heather Wilson and Tracie Warren began sugaring just for their family's benefit but it didn't take long for clients to catch wind of this fantastic service and it's benefits. It only took a few years for these two entrepreneurs to decide they had what it took to launch their own product line and in 2010, they did just that.  

We first brought Heather's husband, aka. the guinea pig, to his first session and were instantly amazed by the results!  No heat, no strips or spatulas, no crazy price tag and he stayed smoother, longer.  We were sold.

That was well over a decade ago. Since then, Heather and Tracie have grown Sugar Streak which now educates the new Sugaring Professionals as well as manufactures and distributes professional sugaring products all over the United States.


Since then, they've worked hard to provide quality, affordable products and comprehensive education to the sugaring industry.


Professionals are the heart and soul of Sugar Streak. We believe in our industry and the people who make it amazing. Which is why we require certification to purchase our products. Without proper training, we dilute the very industry we've worked so hard to build. We encourage guests to learn about our products, however purchase is strictly for Certified Sugar Specialists.


Tracie is our guru-behind-the-scenes.  Handling the details of Sugar Streak's product line to being the resident Sugar Expert in our San Antonio Sugar Streak Studio, she also is passionate about beaches, Maroon 5 and her family.


Heather has a passion for teaching and empowering others and more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry.  Part educator and part entrepreneur, Heather loves Kenney Chesney, her family and her two tiny Yorkie's...possibly in that order.




But what exactly is Body Sugaring?  The short answer?...


… The next form of all-natural hair removal you should try! 

Does it hurt?

We will can't it is an appointment filled with unicorns and glitter, but it is water-soluble, skin-friendly and removes the hair in the natural direction of growth.  Because of that, it is typically less painful than other hair removal methods.  We are still removing the hair by the root and pain is relative to the person being sugared, but we think you'll find it to be pretty moderate in the spectrum of pain.


Can anyone try this? What if I'm prone to ingrown hairs or breakouts?

Any time hair is removed, ingrown hair can become an issue.  Removing hair with following natural direction of growth however (one of the many benefits of sugaring) often reduces and eliminates this problem.  We'll also spend time covering steps to improve your skin health.  This is a big deal and part of the reason you'll find that once you go sugar, you'll never go wax!


We require at least seven (7!) days of hair growth.  That's it.  Yes, you read it right.  We don't need two long weeks before you get sugared!  And you can expect longer-lasting results too!


Perfect! So when can I sign up?

You can find your nearest Body Sugaring Specialist here



More Info 

We encourage our guests to learn about all of our product line below, we have no secrets! But purchasing here is strictly for Professionals only. Find out how to become a Sugar Streak Certified Professional here! 



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