How to Get Smooth Skin | Sugar Streak

How to Get Smooth Skin | Sugar Streak

After more than a decade of working with our own clients and helping other professionals work with theirs, one thing is true: we all want smooth skin. Whether it's ingrown hair frustration or dry, flaky skin, there is no magic potion that will solve the problem(s) so there-in lies the pun intended. Let’s see if we can’t put some of the pieces together so there is a bigger picture one could work with.

The skin is its own organ and by default in search of its own balance. That means that many factors are in play at all times as the skin seeks its own water and oil balance. One it produces on its own (oil) and one it can't (water). Add to that, we tend to focus on our faces and ignore the rest of the body but when it comes to sugaring, this is a key element for our client’s success.

Anytime the skin is robbed of its moisture – whether from the environment, stress or the wrong products, it will become sensitized and, well cranky. This can lead to rough, dry skin or redness and even acne. In typical human fashion, we usually jump to solve this quickly, only to throw things further out of whack.

When it comes to the water portion of this equation, your skin receives water either by your consumption or any water-based moisturizers you apply. If it isn’t getting enough water, it will make up for the loss by doing the only thing it knows to do…produce moisture another way: oil. Skin lacking in hydration is dehydrated. Skin lacking in oil is dry. These two words are often used inter-changeably, but your skin therapist will often make decisions based on this identification and it is also how your Sugar Specialist begins the journey of not only bringing balance back to your skin, but getting you into that smooth, hair-free state.

As we age, we produce less oil and oil, my friends is key to your skin’s natural barrier and you most definitely want that to be strong. This is why your skin care routine matters. Not just for the face, but the body as well.

At Sugar Streak, we teach our Sugar Specialists to work through this journey with you, the client. Beginning with exfoliation techniques and water-based Silky Streak lotion we encourage cell turnover that can reduce dry skin, increase circulation and make your sugaring sessions more efficient and successful. We may suggest specific products to help keep your pores clean, especially to help reduce ingrown hair issues or completely adjust your body or face cleaning regimen altogether.

It takes time for these changes to be visible and felt, but our Specialists will work with you every step of the way. Sugar Streak is committed to providing comprehensive education that changes the way people care for their skin AND remove their hair.