The world needs to know there IS a better way to remove hair and it is called... Body Sugaring! 


Co-owners Tracie and Heather were already knee-deep in manufacturing, distributing and educating others about their sugaring products, they decided a dedicated sugaring studio was the obvious next step and so, Sugar Streak Studio was born.

Our beginnings were humble and our journey completely unintentional. After numerous attempts to find the least irritating, traditional methods of hair removal, a friend suggested sugaring and we thought, why not?

We brought Heather's husband, the guinea pig, to his first session and were amazed by the results!  No heat, no strips or spatulas, no crazy price tag and he stayed smoother, longer.  We were sold.

That was well over a decade ago. Since then, Heather and Tracie have grown Sugar Streak which now educates the new Sugaring Professionals as well as manufactures and distributes professional sugaring products all over the United States.


But what exactly is Body Sugaring?  The short answer?...


… The next form of all-natural hair removal you should try! 

Does it hurt?

We will say it isn't an appointment filled with unicorns and glitter, but it is water-soluble, skin-friendly and removes the hair in the natural direction of growth.  Because of that, it is typically less painful than other hair removal methods.  We are still removing the hair by the root and pain is relative to the person being sugared, but we think you'll find it to be pretty moderate in the spectrum of pain.


Can anyone try this? What if I'm prone to ingrown hairs or breakouts?

Any time hair is removed, ingrown hair can become an issue.  Removing hair with following natural direction of growth however (one of the many benefits of sugaring) often reduces and eliminates this problem.  We'll also spend time covering steps to improve your skin health.  This is a big deal and part of the reason you'll find that once you go sugar, you'll never go wax!


We require at least seven (7!) days of hair growth.  That's it.  Yes, you read it right.  We don't need two long weeks before you get sugared!  And you can expect longer-lasting results too!


Perfect! So when can I sign up?

You can find your nearest Body Sugaring Specialist here



Join us for the #SugarRevolution.